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dimanche 15 mai 2016

[WARMAHORDES] Tuto Black Menoth

Hello guys,
Today it's a little special as i was requested on "Protectorate of Menoth" (FB page) to do a little tutorial in order to teach some of you how I paint my black Menoth. So here it is! And I almost forgot, for the orther, today my post will be in english (or at least i will try).

 First if all get your mini and your base prepare. Usually I paint the base and the mini all together.
 After that i undercoat the mini in black, nothing fancy or complicate there !
 So let's get started. I put all the bases colors on the mini. This is the longer part but when it's over you have almost finish !

 Then it's shading time ! I use GW Agrax Earthshade on ALL the mini. Just be aware that if you are near the end of your agrax, you better take a new one because it could ruin the mini as it has a tendancy to have a gloss effect at the end of the product.

 ok then i take my base color and i start to highlight the mini color by color. First with Beige.

 You always have to see the darker color underneath 
 After that I do the same with my red.
 Then with gold

 I use Chrome on small part of the gold to finish it.
 After gold, let's go with silver
 Then  a small work on the base it self

 Ok time to finish with the skin

 So you see, it's nor complicate nor long. Pretty easy in fact. Just about the time to enjoy two tv-show while painting it.

Ok so that's all folks ! I hope that would help you. See you space cowboy

4 commentaires:

  1. Ouaaah soooo bilingual much international wow. 😃
    Cool le tuto french touch chez les ricains.

  2. Nice tuto . I think you need to indicate paint's name... and time :) your are the flash of minis

  3. Merci pour le tuto:-)
    Les chauves passent à l'export ? :-p