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lundi 22 octobre 2018

[AOS] We want a shrubbery ! ( and some fried snails for dinner )

Hi everyone !

Here is Garga, let me show you the news about my AOS Nurgle army....

Last post was the beginning with an homemade beast of nurgle and some custom plague drones. This time I have added more daemonic snail and a little shrubbery which will please the knights of Nurgle or Ni :)

My army is slowly growing so I needed a gnarlmaw, one of this daemonic tree from Nurgle's garden. The official model is cool but after my first attempts with green stuff I preferred to create my own... 

Starting with a terrain feature, I added some nurglings and green stuff tentacles, there's never too much tentacles....  

The tree is set up on a 92mm/ 120 mm base, the closest possible compare to the official model size. 

Then, I started another snail, count as beast of Nurgle. As snails are both female and male, an idea came to my mind.... 

I did it same way as the first one, rough shape in milliput then finer layers of green stuff to add the details.

I was maybe a little too enthusiastic... this second beast of gurgle is way larger than the first one....  

And last but not least it was time to have more battle line units.... so another plague bearers one completes this session :) 

armee des chauves

Time to play in the garden of Nurgle now ! 

May the rot be with you!

2 commentaires:

  1. Tes demon de nurgle font la fierté du blog garga ! Ton escargot en particulier me met télément mal à l'aise c'est ouf un très beau boulot ! Hâte de voir Horticulus sous tes pincettes !

  2. Tes sculptures sont extra (j'adore l'arbre )
    Ta peinture vraiment chouette.
    J'ai hâte de boir ça sur une table de jeu