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samedi 30 juin 2018

[40k] The Rise of House Joolan

Hi everyBaldy !  Today in the Bald Army blog we are looking at the last of my project with
 a warband based on my african inspired  imperial knight house : The house Joolan.

Like some of you may remember I did some time ago an african knight as an addition to my Carcharodons army. But I enjoyed doing it so mutch that I wanted to give him some friends and a full background :)

It was at this time that Le blog dé Kouzes launch the Warband contest.  For me it was the perfect oportunity to represent the scion and culture of my knight house. So I started working on a team that would represent the pilot inside my previous african knight and his retinue. And I'm really happy with them ! 

For those who want to learn the Rules of the forest from the Grios, the lore of the old ones and the way of the warriors with the full background of the House Joolan you won’t have to wait long. It will come in french and english in another article ;).

For now here is the Warband :

Souleyba Joolan pilot of the "Obsidian Fury" :

I wanted him to be easyly identified as the main character so I use the bright yellow of the shield to catch the eye. I also put him on a highter base so that he could stand out. He is also the only member of the Warband for who you can see the eyes and it gave him a unique personality where all the other are faceless.

Samba N"Diaye, Hight Grios of the House

Samba is a member of the Grios cast, the sacristain and priest of the house Joolan. I wanted him to be a kind of creepy african techno priest. I give him a big mask in order to intansifie the mistery and mystical look of the guy. The main chalenge on this guy was the mechanical arms with the axe because I wanted to use nmm for the metalics parts. I also try to mix Non metalics and true metalics (for the gold parts) on a same model and I like the way it turned out.

The two "Forgotten warriors" :

Those was also a real plaisur to paint and convert !  I really enjoy painting the shields in particular. They where the first one to be painted and I creat the colors scheme with them. This guys are in fact old veterans who have followed the warrior path too long and loose the link that all the member of the house share. They now pilot arminger class knight and serves as suport of the youngest scions.

The Cayorian Ogryn :

This is the big guy of the Warband. This one was the last one to be painted. The main goal was to link this beast to the other member of the Warband. The skin was really cool to paint but the pelt was the thing I liked the most. The Ogryn from Cayor (the homeworld of the house Joolan) shows some difference with the one usualy see in the imperium, their physiology more adapted to the jungle of Cayor. Those Ogryn serve as bodyguard of the member of the Grios cast and here to Samba N"Diaye .

Here we are !  I hope you enjoy the Warband ! I leave you there with this last one. See you soon for another article ;)

8 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful, original and well executes! Hats of to you sir+

  2. Cette bande est magnifique ! Super découverte, et super blog ! ;)

    1. Salut Alskayer ! Merci pour ton commentaire et bien content que tu apprécie notre petit blog ;)

  3. Wow, looks amazing! Their eyes catch my attention the most, love it.
    Not to mention all that freehand! Saw some of your Carcharodons as well, so many patterns, really like it!
    And really sweet conversions. Any chance for a bit list? Like, where did you get the heads and shields that look like facemasks (reminds me of The Mask ^^) from?

    Greetings from Sweden

    1. Hi mortis ! Thanks to drop by on our little blog :)
      For the bitz of the Warband I used the body arms and weapons from the genestealers cultists (and a lizardmen skink leader blade). The masks came from the dark elves fury box for Aos. All the skulls came from the skull box from games workshop as well.
      The shields of the forgotten warriors came from the game Eden.
      Some bitz like feathers, the shoulder pad, shield and blade of Souleyba's lance came from the lizardmen range :). I use the body of an old chaos reaver from Aos for Samba N"Diaye that I mixed with part from a mechanicum priest.
      Now for the Cayorian Ogryn I use a skaven Stormfiend for the body. The head is from the ogre kingdom sprue as the pelt on the shoulder and the "shield" on his back. His blade is made with a lizardmen standard, a blade from the Aos orks and a thine plastique tube. At last the communication unit acting as the backpack of the beast came from an imperial guard, guardmans unit ;)

      Hope it will help !

      Greetings :)