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mardi 23 avril 2019

[40K] The rise of House Joolan. Part II : Saberjaw battle automata and background

Salut les chauves et les moin chauves !
Voilà le dernier ajout à ma maisonée de chevalier avec un automate de combat, classe "Saberjaw".
 Vous trouverez aussi ici le fluff de la knight house Joolan  ;)
Bonne lecture !

Hi everyBaldy !  Here is the last add to my house Joolan with a "Saberjaw" class battle automata  you'll also find the full background of my knight house Joolan :)

Enjoy !  

Pour ceux qui passent un peut de temps sur Instagram vous connaissez peut être les créations de ce genis du kitbash qu'est Christof Keil alias k03rnl. Ses montages de figurines m'ont vraiment inspirées j'ai eu l'envie de m'essayer moi aussi au montage de figurine à partir de "rien" et voilà le résultat !  Merci à lui pour ses conseils précieux ! Si vous ne suivez pas encore son travail allez y sans hésiter ;)

For those who spend some time on instagram maybe you'll be familiar with the work of the genius grimdark kitbasher named Christof Keil aka k03rnl. His conversions really inspired me and I wanted to try the exercice of kitbashing an all new model from scratch. Here is the result ! Thanks to him for the precious feedback he gave me and go follow him if you didn't already ! ;)

Pour la peinture je me suis encore éclaté niveau couleurs comme vous pouvez le voir et voilà le résultat : 

For the painting part I've gone wild again with the color and I hope you'll enjoy the result ;) 

Combat automata. "Saberjaw" class.. Knight house Joolan arsenal. Further informations protected under the seal of the Ordo xenos hight ranking. Grade Alpha 7 required. Acces denied...

Et un autre membre de la warband..
And a little other member of the Warband : 

Aïssa Joolan, pilot of the knight Acheron "Mist Stalker". Attached to the protection of the the infamous Rogue trader and former ordo xenos inquisitor ++name classified+++//end of transmission//+


House Joolan

Title : The feared hunters of house Joolan

Household grade : Secondus

Patent : Warrent of Imperial Immediacy issued by Imperial court in early M31 at the direct request of Corvus Corax. Litterae patent duly recorded by the Officio Militaris College of Arms.

Warren domain : Cayor

Cognomen : The Seytan Sakaar  (autochthonic housold langage)

Allied Legions/Forge worlds : Binding oath of loyalty seal the house in the service of the XIXth (Raven guard) legion.
Reciprocal ties established with the Forge world of Lucius and Khiavar.
Further informations keep under the seal of the Ordo xenos.

Allegiance : Fidelitas constantus

Homeworld :


Placed in the segmentum Obscurus, Cayor is discovered by the Rogue trader Axelo Nebrius.
The riche amount of mineral ressources, the oxygene level and atmosphere so alike to Terra make Cayor a perfect match for humain colonisation.

That's why a few decades after the planet have been found, a colonial fleet came from Northafrika after a short passage on the Indra-sul space-port and first set foot on Cayor.

The planet is cut in two. The north hemisphere is covert in red sands when the south hemispher is a vegetal kingdom of jungle and mangroves ruled by a mega-fauna as riche as deadly.

History :

The main colonies took roots around the bigger adamantium veins.
But due to the local fauna making dificult the exploitation of those veins, the presence of Knight guarding the edge of the jungle is soon proved necessary.

The long night :

The warp storms breaks through the galaxy, making impossible all contact between Cayor and the closest planetes of his wide star system. The Cayorian during all this time of isolation ended up regressing. The impossibility of exporting causing the mining work to be trade for agriculture and hunt by necessity. The earth being more fertil on the edge of the forest, the Cayorian were forced to move closer to those area of constant dangers. Counting on the Knight protection.

Kingdoms starts to emerge around the différents bastions ruled by différents knight houses on the simingly without end forest edge. Wars for ressources, rivarlry and endless strugle with the assault from the forest dangers see the evolution of the Cayorian culture toward animism and a more tribal aspect in link with the green realm that rule their life.

Then came the time of death and despare.. Then came the Khraves..

The Khraves wars :

The Khraves. Those xenos praying upon mankind with their incredibly powerfull psychic capacitys were rampaging the Obscurus sector with an assault of a scale never witnessed before. Inslaving world after world.
The starport of Indra-sul was one of them and then it was Cayor turn.

The attack wasn't suden and violent.
The Khraves capacity to subtely corupt their victimes from afar was used to slowly take control of the mind of several lords of Knight Houses and populations.. The rivalry and conflict between the diferent realms turn in a wolrd wide civil war when the corupted knight houses and kingdoms fell upon one another unleashing carnage and terror upon those they had sworn to protect. No one was safe and the red sands drank the blood of inocents. .

The house Joolan was one of the Knight house that suffer the less of the Khraves mental influence. The Joolan realms was located at the edge of a part of the forest feared by the Cayorians named the Kasamança "The ghost land".
There the trees produce particulary thick fogs obscuring the forest on miles away. The choice of the Joolan to make those fogs their home, the secret surounding their realm and how they survived the many danger lurking in the mist. All this isolated them for century from the rivalry and the wars for lands with the other knight houses. However the few who tryed to penetrate the Joolan fogs and survived talk about them with fear.. They talk about the giants avatars of wars stalking into the spore clouds as the Seytan Sakaar "the mist demons".

That's why the house Joolan get out relativly untouched of the Khraves induced civil war. Their hit and run tactics were very effectives with the covert of the Kasamança mists that they call home. Also many refugees and knights from different house fleeing befor the madeness that took their own try to reach the Joolan realm. Swearing to join the house forever in return of retribution.
With their new allies the Joolan took the décision to go deeper into the Kasamança jungle in order to keep waging the guerrilla from it.

This is the moment the Khraves choose to launch a full scale ground invasion inslaving the agonising realms devastated by there own madness.

The Deliverers :

That was there, when all seems lost, that the new formed Raven Guard led by Corax himself, after liberating Indra-sul from the Khrave slavery, came to Cayor. The Raven lord rapidly made contact with the local resistance on the ground and was able to coordinate devastatating counter attacks. Repeating the Indra-sul surgical assault on key targets. mixing Terran terminator assault, sabotage and the Knights of House Joolan might to push back and finaly exterminate the Khraves.
Cayor join the imperium and the house Joolan swear loyalty to theyr saviors.

The sol prescence of the Khraves induce with time a physical and mental coruption..
A lot of world saved from there depredation saw there entire population purged. Juged too corupted to live in the imperium. It was the case for Indra-sul.
In a surprising manner the Cayorian shown no sign of coruption as it it always the case with Khraves exposition.
A lot of magos biology failed to shed light on this phenomena over the following years after the Knight world reunion with the imperium.

In the following time the house Joolan was officialy integrated among the other knight house. Despite the conflict created by the Cayorian beliefs with the imperial truth and the other knight houses that saw them as wild barbarians, the house Joolan took an active part in the end of the Great Crusade.
Waging war along with different légions as the Raven guard, White scars, night lords, space wolves and world eaters.
The house renowned grew and despite à reputation of taciturn and secret warriors the Joolan knights won many honors on the battlefields.

If the Cayorian were inexplicably immune to the Khrave coruption, the powerfull psychic mark leaved by the sheer presence of the xenos during the year of wars induced resurgence of psychic activity within the population.
A lot of children born in the generation following the end of the Khrave war shared a kind of psychic bound. A colective concience. The Link allowed a particular relation with the machine spirit surpassing those of their peers.
In combat this give the scion of the house Joolan a coordination capacity rarely seen, the havy war machines mouving like one.

For the Cayorian, the Link was "Atemit" the soul of all things talking to them, guiding them after the trial of the Khraves wars. A signe that they were on the right path and that the emperor gifted them with a manifestations of his might.

With the time this colective conscience took a central part in the culture of Cayor and in the House Joolan organisation and tribal Hierarchy.
However in order to avoid a worsening of the conflict with the imperial truth this particularity was kept secret and incrase the isolationism and shroud of mistery that surrounds the House Joolan.

Organisation :

The house Joolan is composed of several tribes living on Cayor.
Each tribes is ruled by two casts.
The Grios cast witch by oral tradition hold the technological and spiritual knowledge of the house. They serves as vassals of the Joolan cast, the warrior cast.
This last cast is composed of a tribal lord and his Knight warriors. They assure the safety of the tribe and shield them from the danger living in Cayor's jungles.
The tribes lords answer only to the Hight king of the house Joolan who live in the Kasamança's stronghold of the house.

Each child reaching seventeen summers must be taken to the Boechin, a circle of the older Grios present in each tribes and intimatly bound to the forest.

They powerfull bound with the Link allow them to find the young born with the gift and they alone will decide wether he should be return to his familly or put to the test of the casts Joolan or Grios.
The trials to selection and prepare the futur warriors and Grios are hightly ritualysed. They took place at the heart of the forest in a secret place called "the sacred wood" by the Cayorians.
The exact form of those trial are known only by those who survived them and to brake the secret over this ritual is punish by death.

The young that pass the Grios tests start they rise in this mystical cast.
The ones that survived at the warriors rituals would be put to one last trial, the chamber of the Echoes. In reason of the Link those who pass this last test will experiment a conection without comparaison with the throne mechanicum. The Young leave his last name behind and become a Joolan. Swearing fealty to the House and to the Hight king.

The young pilote are entrusted with Errant knight variant and from that moment they became part of one of the war formation called "hunting circles"
There psychic link with the other pilots permit them to be guided in combat by more experienced senior warriors.

Once a Knight have enaugh skills and juged to be worthy he is allowed to try to bound with another knight. Protected by the Link, a pilot from house Joolan at the apex of his conection with the Joolan collective conscience may try to make a new bound in the chamber of Echoes with another mechanicum throne, for one more adapted to his war spirit and specialised role in his "hunting circle".

The house Joolan is  composed of a lot of Cerastus class knight. Those are used for their speed and manoeuvrability which is perfectly adapted to the harasment and hit and run tactics of the house. That's why the lords and hight ranking warriors that leads the Joolan hunting circles at wars are often entrusted in cerastus knight Lancers and Archerons.

However at the oposite of the Grios cast the Link of a warrior from the Joolan cast is growing thine as he get older, leaving the pilot with a feeling of absolute solitude and emptyness that can drive a man crazy.
Those veterans of countless wars undertook the last ritual of the house Joolan : The shadowing.
During this ceremonial the warrior face is ritualy burned to represent the lost Link. From now-on he will wear a Cayorian death mask at all time, renonce to his rank and title and be known as one of "the shadowed". Those warriors go to war in Arminger class knight. The neural conection they share with the younger pilot is the only way to release them from the emptyness and pain they feel for being cut from the Link. At the same time the younger pilot with a strong Link can benefit from the war expertise of those hardened warriors.
In the House Joolan Arminger are see with an equal mesure of respect and dread because they represente the wiseness of the older as mutch as the inevitabel end that await for every pilot of the house, from the yougest scion to the Hight king himself.

From that, an House Joolan Hunting circle is usualy composed of two young knights Errant, three veterans in cerastus class knights and four shadowed in Arminger class knights in support of the Errants. The only way for a warrior to leave his circle is to die or get promoted to an higher ranking one.

 Material :

The House Joolan is composed for the most part of Cerastus classe knights. Among those the Lancer and Archeron variant  are the most common and a mark of high rank in the Joolan hierarchy.
The Questoris classe is the second most represented, with a lot of Errant variant used for the young scion who are yet to acquire the honors and experience required to try a second ritual of Becoming.
The Knight of Arminger classe are exclusively used for the Shadowed who could get the best out of those armours while bringing strategic support to the youngest and impetuous scions.
The heavyer classes are extremly rares in the House Joolan witch possesse only two Dominus classe knights castigators. They are guarding the Kasamança att all time and only left Cayor in time of absolute necessity. The Joolan arsenal also include two knight Porphyron and an handfull of rare other exotic suits.
In matter of weaponery, the endless jungle of Cayor explain the important use of thermal weapon in the House.
Some rares reports on warzone involving the House speaks of the use of weapons of great powers with design unknown to the mechanicum of Mars. Rumors talks about unsanctioned weapon developed from xenos technology hiden in the deepest vault of the Kasamança. Wether this rumors are true or false, the house Joolan  never took the time to deny nor listen to those accusations.

Colors : Pale green, black and gold

House Heraldry :
A Cayoran sabertooth skull on two crossed spears. Black on a pale green field.

Personal heraldry and battle honors :
The marks that adorn the Knights of the house Joolan are really complexe and their meaning is almost unreadable for outsiders, therefore some shapes and symbols could be identified on forgotten traity on the Knight houses of the Great Crusade.
The suits who have take part in the Khraves war are wearing à black raven skull in the Raven Guard honors.
Arminger wear an almost totaly black livery. Two red stripes on a black field is the signe of the Freeblade, those can't no longuer wear the house crest and can only display the battle honors won after the freeblade oath is taken.

House Motto :
"Death hunt with us"

J'espère que vous apprécierez cet article ;)

I hope you liked this article ! 


4 commentaires:

  1. Très joli.
    J'adore en particulier la peinture et la conversion d'Aïssa Joolan ! ^^

  2. La grande classe, ton minou du futur déboite, et j’adore la peinture de ta pilote. Le fluff la journée est trop entamée pour lire de l’anglais je le garde au chaud.
    Gloire à toi et à la house Joolan

  3. Haha ! Merci mon garga ! Hésite pas à me faire un retour quand tu auras lu le fluff 😁