mardi 18 septembre 2018

[Aos28] The Witcher28 Warband partie 1

Salut les chauves et les moins chauves !
Aujourd'hui on plonge pour la première fois dans le monde sinistre de Aos28 cet univer qui explore les recoins les plus sombres des royaumes mortels... 

Hi everyBaldy !  Today we dive in the grim darkness of AoS28, this univer that explore the darkest corners of the mortal realms...

Les collègues chauve ayant lancé un CDA dans l'univers d'AoS, j'ai pris le temps de regarder de plus près le fluff de cet univers. Fan de Dark fantasy je doit avouez avoir eu un peu de mal avec le parti pris quelque peu hight fantasy d'AoS dans ses débuts. C'est après être tombé par hasard sur le magnifique blog de Ex Profoundis que j'ai réalisé qu'il m'appartenait d'apporter le côté Dark qu'il me manque pour le moment à Aos. C'est tout le principe de Aos28. Me voilà donc parti pour une nouvelle warband ! 
Fan obsessionel de l'univers de the witcher qui colle parfaitement au thème sombre que je veux explorer, c'est l'occasion pour moi de me faire un petit crossover avec cette warband dont voici le fluff :

My Balds friends being working on an AoS mutual project, I took the time to look closer at the AoS background. Huge fan of dark fantasy I have to admit that I wasn't fond of the Hight fantasy vibe of AoS so far. It was after I discovered the wonderfull Exprofoundis blog that I realised that I could totaly bring myself this extra darkness that I missed. This is exactly the aim of AoS28. So here I am, working on another warband project !
Crazy fan of the witcher univers that perfectly match the Dark atmosphere that I wanted, it was the occasion to make a little crossover and here is the background of the Warband : 

"In the Dark corners of the mortal realms, where the distant light of Sigmar is an hopeless dream of salvation, humanity trive among the horors unleashed by the dark Gods..
A cabal of alchemyst, witch-doctors and sorcerers known as the Elder Blood decided to fight back with monster of their own. Their terrific dedication give birth to à carnival of abominations and mutants. Some of those proved hightly effectives to hunt down chaos creatures, as other joined the rank of those things the cabal was seeking to destroy in the first place.
Despite those frequent and desastrous "infortunate events", the cabal obsessional research continue and eventualy came up with the Witchers. Human "volounter" mutated by dark magic, alchemy and some say demonic possession. Trained to study and kill the beasts unleashed by Chaos into the realms. Both living weapon and damned souls.
Of course the "protection" of the cabal is never free and the services of their infernal menagerie or agent often exceed the cost of life itself in those dark countries.
The Elder Blood cabal is said to possesse enclaves in several realms, each competing of ingeniousness and twisted creativity in their mad research for the ultimat weapon against darkness.

It remain to be seen if the cabal still work toward the same goals as they use to do and if this work will leave those dark parts of the worlds as better places or even sinistre ones.. "

Et maintenant voilà la première figurine de cette warband, le Witcher : 

And now here is the first miniature of the Warband, The Witcher itself : 

Eskelan Grim,  The Butcher of Wolvenheim : 

Voilà  pour cette foi !  A la prochaine pour un autre membre de la "Elder Blood warband" !

Here we are for now ! See you next time for another member of the "Elder Blood warband" !


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